Whale-watching season is here on Maui! Those huge, magnificent creatures can be seen from most any south or west-facing shoreline on Maui, and one of the best places to watch is a tiny little rest stop on route 30 (or “the Pali” as it is known on Maui).

The views are incredible as the whales jump, splash, and slap the water with their tails. There’s only one problem: THERE’S NO FOOD! Yup, if you want to spend any extended amount of time gazing at the whales, you better bring a lunch!

Thankfully Prison Street Pizza restaurant in Lahaina has delicious take out that is hot and fast for those on the run. On your way from Lahaina to the whale watch, why not stop in and grab a tasty pizza, calzone, or sandwich? You’ll be glad you did because one thing is for certain: Maui’s whales are so captivating that even a hungry tummy can’t pry you away. So come prepared!